Founded in 1986, our company was originally named Shang hai Xuanlang Freight Co., Ltd, withonly 35 employees, 20 drivers and 16 vehicles. Since it was regrouped to be Shanghai Yucheng Logi-stics Co.,Ltd in 2002, it has grown to be a large companyit 0 2 1 h 135 employees, 103 drivers and 67 vehicles. Ln couple of years s-ince its foundation.....
·From Shanghai to Tai’an, ji’nan,Qingdao,
Shijiazhuang,Tianjin, Beijing, Baotou, Hu-
hehaote, and northeastern Provinces;
·From Shanghai to Kunshan, Suzhou, Wuxi,Zhang jiagang,Nnajing, Yangzhou, Nanto-ng and Xuzhou;
·From Shanghai to Shangqiu, Zhengzhou,Xuchang, Luoyang, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Xi’ni-ng, Yinchuan, Wulumuqi and Kuerle;
·From Shanghai to Hangzhou, Ningbo, We-nzhou, Fuzhou,Nanchang, Changsha, Ch-angde,Guang zhou
Serving concept:We get close to clie
nts by sincerity,satisfy clients by action,retain clients by win-win effect,guide clientsby special traits,form up a dynamic balan
ce of development between Fast and its
Management concept:Driven by m
arket and guided by clients,FAST hasexpanded traditional freight management system to Internet freight information management system and provides solutions according to different characte ristics and needs from clients
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